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Instructor Training Program

                                                                                        Want to become an INSTRUCTOR??

 Enrol for 6 Month Career Course in Adventure & Wildlife



Dreaming of a fancy career? Great! We had a similar dream and would love to have you onboard!

The Instructor Training Program not only opens your doors to work with our extremely talented and dynamic team but also provides you with an opportunity to enhance your skills in the field of adventure and outdoors! These 6 months of interesting and interactive sessions with our experts from various fields will give you a different perspective on life and would certainly widen your horizons!

This program can also be a great option for our youngsters registered for ‘The Duke of Edinburgh Award’ or ‘The International Award for Young People’. Being the ‘Trained Activity Provider’ of IAYP, we have designed the program keeping in mind the basic requirements and criterion of the IAYP program.


What will you learn?

ü  Basic First Aid

ü  Camp Management

ü  Wildlife skills– Birding, Snake rescue, camera trapping and more

ü  Adventure skills– Knots, Base set up, Rappelling, Rock climbing, equipment maintenance and more  

ü  Games, Activity and Camp Songs

ü  Communication and social skills

ü  Photography– Adventure & Wildlife

IAYP Award introduction

Where will you learn?

ü  12 Outdoor Session

ü  5 Indoor Session

ü  3 Treks

ü  1 Outdoor Photography Session

When are the sessions?

ü  Indoor sessions will be conducted every Sunday starting from 8 AM to 12 noon  

ü  Outdoor session will be mostly on weekends & public holidays. Duration and time will be confirmed well in advance.

Who can join?

ü  Age criteria - 14 years and above

ü  Anyone who is young at heart & has a good sense of humour

What will the fees include?

ü  Classroom charges and snacks during indoor sessions

ü  Stay, food, activity material

ü  Technical expertise

ü  IAYP registration fees

ü  Examination & Certification fees


What else?

ü  Instructors will get enough opportunities to achieve their IAYP awards through this program and may further aim to be the Awards Leaders. This program is highly recommended, not only to have a balanced lifestyle but also it will be recognized worldwide adding huge credits to your resume especially if aiming to apply abroad.

What is IAYP?

‘The Duke of Edinburgh Award’ or ‘The International Award for Young People’

The Award Programme was first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1956 as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The aim was to motivate young people aged between 14 and 25 years to become involved in a balanced programme of voluntary self-development activities to take them through the potentially difficult period between adolescence and adulthood.


Instructors will have to complete the requirements of each of the 4 different sections to get the IAYP award




Want to enrol? - Call us on 020-25422949 / 9403013835 or write to us on [email protected]

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