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About Us

As the name suggests our mantra for adventure is – Explore, Experiment, Experience and Engage.

Adventure Mantra promises to provide a niche experience that commences in basic skill building exercises and culminates in nurturing the innate leadership each one of us is blessed with. We provide a fun-filled and progressive leadership experience that helps us to harness traits that help us tide over adversities life throws at us. Our endeavour is to shine a spotlight on our inner resolve and fortitude. Our participants range from school children to corporate executives, from underprivileged to differently abled. Our goals are not making money but to make a community! This community is growing by the day and amateur trekkers are transforming into evangelists for environmental conservation and preservation of our natural wealth. Every set back and failure becomes a stepping stone to introspect, improvise and form innovative strategies.

Adventure Mantra takes pride in claiming that no safety is overlooked and planning is done on a war footing to ensure that no life or limb jeopardised. Every activity from the onset is done under the hawk-like scrutiny of the trained and experienced instructors. Every minute detail is taken care of and no stone is left unturned to provide a thrilling, memorable experience without compromising on health and safety regulations. Few days in the wild helps us to enhance our interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Participants find new facets to their personality and these help them improve the quality of their life back in the cities. Our instructors design and develop activities that scaffold their self-esteem and each successful activity adds a strong lynchpin that changes fear and failure into triumph and glory.

Collaboration is the key to modern workforce and relationships are key to collaboration. Working as a team with a concerted vision and energy prevents us from getting bogged down in the quagmire of egos. Multi-culturism is hard work. Crossing cultural boundaries take time, skills, patience and a listening ear! We have been fortunate to host friends from diverse cultures, countries and faiths. Our friends keep coming back for more of these challenges. They understand the power of teamwork, communication and elation of completing a task and overcoming the fear of the unknown.  

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